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Tell Councilman Van Bramer That the Library is a Bad Idea!

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                                              Terry Osborne today left a message at the Greater Astoria Historical Society mentioning that negotiations are underway to transfer the LIC millstones to the library.  We can only reiterate what we have already said:  The millstones belong in a museum, not a library. 

The Greater Astoria Historical Society has an exhibit space that is run by historians who know how to exhibit the stones and how to study them.  It is the intention of GAHS to have scholars examine the stones to close all of the gaps in our knowledge of their history.  GAHS can potentially put to rest all questions of their origin and age if they’re allowed this opportunity.

The library has no such expertise. What it does have is budget constraints. Any funds spent by the library on this transfer (even if donated) would be better served funding programs the library is already administering.  Furthermore, as the chart below indicates, the library is open to the public for half the amount of time that The Greater Astoria Historical Society is.

Hours Open Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Library 1-8 1-6 10-6 1-8 10-6 10-5:30 Closed
G.A.H.S. 8-8 8-8 8-8 8-8 8-8 8-6 8–6

Written by licmillstones

July 23, 2010 at 9:15 pm

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