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Moving millstones isn’t rocket-science…

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…It’s an afternoon’s work.

Moving millstones isn’t difficult.  People have questioned us for not having a plan for moving them.  So in the interest of dotting all the i’s and crossing all the t’s for the naysayers, we have outlined the steps involved in moving the millstones from their present location to an exhibit space:

STEP 1. Getting a credentialed antiquarian, archaeologist or historian to help formulate a reasonable plan for the actual extraction of the damaged stone and then taking the necessary steps to follow it. 

STEP 2. Crating the stone on a pallet.  Stones can be flat on the pallet; new ones are ordinarily shipped with the grinding surface down for protection.

A pallet jack is used to place millstone on truck's liftgate for transport

STEP 3.  Load crated stones into a lift-gate truck with a pallet-jack (a heavy-duty dolly commonly used by truckers).  We have been quoted charges for this method of shipping, including inside delivery for BOTH stones  at $550.00, but we’ll probably find a reputable trucking firm willing to do it gratis.

STEP 4.  Unload the crated stones at the exhibit site (The Quinn Bldg. in the case of G.A.H.S.) using the freight elevator to transport them to the fourth floor. (Yes, the freight elevator can easily handle the weight.)

STEP 5.  Uncrate stones for study and display.  If necessary, suitable equipment such as an industrial hoist or engine lift can be cheaply rented (or donated) for easy handling of the stones.

Handling millstones is a routine affair.

STEP 6.  When the new site is ready for the stones, the process is reversed and they are returned to Queens Plaza for permanent display.

This is not a prohibitively expensive or difficult operation!

Photos courtesy of G.A.H.S.


Written by licmillstones

December 28, 2009 at 2:40 pm

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