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They Belong in a Museum, NOT a Library!!

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Both millstones shown here in their crates, surrounded by plastic netting and Jersey Barriers.

Decisions are being made this month about where to move the millstones for safekeeping.  It is imperative that you contact Councilman Van Bramer at his email address: 

and councilman Peter Vallone, Jr. through his official website 

Please do it today! 

Tell them that the millstones belong in a museum, and the fact that only one – Greater Astoria Historical Society – has even expressed an interest in them makes the decision a no-brainer!   G.A.H.S. has asked to host these stones in a temporary exhibit.  At G.A.H.S. they can be at examined by experts and scholars (for the first time!) and also be viewed by school children and community members in the context of an historically educational exhibit.  If they are just moved to a warehouse this opportunity is wasted.   

It's rather nice to see that the city has ignored LPC's ridiculous designation of the stones as a "distinctive sidewalk" and has actually admitted that they are "historic objects." It's a small victory, but one that we humbly accept.

While an alternate proposal is also on the table to move them to a nearby library for safe-keeping,  it is our contention that a library is not as well equipped to exhibit them as is the Historical Society’s exhibit space.   Library hours are being cut, and it is a burden on the library to take on this extra responsibility.  Libraries are not run by preservationists and historians. The city should save the taxpayers some money for a change and send the stones to G.A.H.S. 

In a recent (6/15/10) meeting in Dutch Kills, Penny Lee of City Planning said that they were open to suggestions concerning the final placement of the stones.  We feel that the current plan to leave them exposed to the elements is a bad idea. Stone experts agree that water and salt are the enemy. Two elements that will be in abundance in a park in the middle of a busy crossroads!  Tell the councilmen that the current plans are unacceptable, and that an indoor display is the only answer.


Written by licmillstones

July 16, 2010 at 5:53 pm

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