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Experts Agree: G.A.H.S. Is the Way To Go:

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The Queens Historical Society has stated that the Greater Astoria Historical Society is the most reasonable place to keep the millstones:

“Thank you for informing the Queens Historical Society of the plan to remove the grist Mill stones from Queens Plaza to a temporary exhibit organized by the Greater Astoria Historical Society (GAHS). We support this temporary plan, especially in light of current major reconstruction of Queens Plaza and appreciate the effort of GAHS…”


Patricia Sherwood

President Pro Temps

And in a recent online question and answer session, the new Queens Historian, Jack Eichenbaum refered a question about the millstones to G.A.H.S.:

Q.  “What is your position on the Millstones at Queens Plaza? These are said to be the oldest European artifacts in Queens – dating from the 1650’s if the story is correct. Do you feel that the city’s plan to display them outdoors exposed to the elements is wise, given the damage that salt, freeze-thaw, etc. has already caused them?”  –

=Terence Bolger, LIC

A. ” I am no expert on preservation of artifacts, so I defer Terence Bolger’s question about the LIC millstones to Richard Melnick, president of the Greater Astoria Historical Society.”

-Jack Eichenbaum, Queens Borough Historian*

*Source: :





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August 1, 2010 at 12:37 am

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