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– photo by Mitch Waxman

Yes, the Millstones (actually one of them, the other is still embedded in the sidewalk) are in this crate, the one at the center of the shot.

No, there has been not a single move made by any of our elected officials to protect these colonial era artifacts.

Observation tonight (it was raining too hard to risk the camera) showed that a delivery of construction materials has been piled around the crate.

This is kind of a hard issue to evangelize our busy neighbors about, as we are all struggling to make our rent and find time for friends and family, let alone give two ****’s about a pair of 400 year old industrial artifacts. There is something wrong though, in our community, isn’t there?

You can smell it in the air, whether the breeze is coming off the Newtown Creek or Big Allis. A disconcerting sense of change, with long time residents being swept away by progress. What is being lost, and who is profiting from it?

If you’re passing through Queensboro Plaza in the next day or two, why not use the camera on that fancy cell phone of yours and get some evidence of what kind of respect is being payed to our history. Upload it to the web, send a link over to us at licmillstones blog, and to your local city council member. Let them know that community equals constituency, and that the ballot booth is where their fate and career path can and will be decided.

Acrimonious debate over this topic has erupted at Queenscrap, check it out here. On a related QC topic, check out the Dutch Kills Hotel zoning scandal.

(apologies for the crappy quality of the vid, but we’re on a shoestring budget- actually on zero budget- please help, we need volunteers, neighborhood  cranks, and troublemakers-you know- Queens natives- to help raise awareness and to protect and preserve)


Written by Mitch Waxman

March 23, 2010 at 3:49 am

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